Popskull Pitch Smooth City Roast

Popskull Pitch Smooth City Roast

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I’ve wanted to offer my own beans for years now and thanks to some great folks, that’s become a reality. "Popskull Pitch" (our maiden bean is a sweet full bodied city roast with a subtle rich flavor and low acidity.It’s been my personal favorite for over 15 years and now I’m offering it as swag!


It's my favorite and the way I have it roasted might be a bit unusual but it brings out the flavor in a bold, yet extremely smooth manner.


The beans? They're from India and harvested once a yea then stored in barrels while the monsoon rains soak them which creates a nice fat bean with low acidity and a silky smooth flavor when roasted.


This is a smooth city roasted Indian Mysore Malabar that we take into a little darker roast than most. It makes for a wonderful espresso, French press and cold coffee.


I think it will be the best you've ever had so be careful, one sip and you'll be hooked!





    12 Ounces
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